Client: Artmade
Scope of work: Interior + Branding + Packaging

The starting point for designing new retail space was to create visual communication for the brand. The brand, which has been existing on the Polish cosmetics market for almost thirty years, gained fresh touch thanks to the new logo, referring to the vintage beauty industry logotypes, which was created with using a manual punch. It presents hands referring to the delicate skincare and manual method of making cosmetics. The project also involved the design of new packaging. Natural plants-based ingredients such as oils, hydrolates, butters can be bought in glass bottles to be used separately or one can prepare a personalized cosmetic in store with assistance. For this purpose, some labels have been designed with empty space for manual description.

The study of retail interior design for the flagship store sets up separated workshop room, where customer can create custom, handmade cosmetics from basic ingredients. The location of the point in the late-19th century tenement house in Warsaw Old-Town has been chosen in order to restore the old character of the place (there was a well-known pharmacy for dozen of years in this building). The original layout of space (first and second pharmacy chambers) corresponds to the functional premises of the store. The main motive is a reference to pharmacies from the early twentieth century, in which cosmetics were also produced.

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